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As your attorney I’m readily accessible to you throughout the case.

I understand the uncertainty your future may have.  If you are found guilty your circumstances may have significant consequences.  From probation, incarceration, suspension or loss of a professional license, loss of your job, criminal record or even Deportation.  The weight of these consequences can be over whelming.  Most job applications ask if you have been convicted of a felony in the last 7 years.  This can weigh against you in future employment.  These are serious consequences.

Call me so we can assess your situation and go over possible scenarios so I can give legal advice and recommendations going forward.  The consequences of proceeding without counsel can be quite considerable.

Being caught up in the criminal justice system is cause for concern.  We can reduce your anxiety by explaining your legal position, and give you the best option going forward.

Police are interested in aiding the prosecution and getting confessions.  Most people are taught to trust the police when they have a problem.  What most people don’t understand is that Police officers can misconstrue the true to obtain a confession or a statement against your interests, but if you lie to a police officer it can have legal consequences.  It is very important to also understand that they work for the state/city and are under a duty to report crimes.  They have a very tough job and under certain circumstances you as a law abiding citizen are not obligated to talk with them.  Please contact me if you are part of a criminal investigation, and asked to be interviewed by the police department, it is extremely important that I advise you before you get entangled into what appears to be helping law enforcement but is actually an interrogation to build a case against you.